How can I install windows 7 on my External harddrive

Hi everyone,

I want to install Windows 7 on my external harddrive but during setup I allways get the error-message: "Setup does not support configuration or installation to disks connected through a USB or IEEE 1394 port."
Can someone help me with this?

I have an Acer Aspire 7535 (harddisk 320GB),made several partitions on it containing Vista(pre-installed),7 Starter,7 Enterprise and 7 Professional.So I can choose from wich partition to boot.
The external harddrive is a Packard-Bell 1TB wich I divided into 3 partitions.One partition for storage use (600GB) and on the other two partitions (each about 150GB) I would like to install 7 Home and 7 Ultimate.The external harddrive is connected through a USB-cable (2.0) to my laptop.

Probably I was just lucky I could install those versions on my laptop hahaha,I'm not very much experienced with computers and stuff :)

So If someone could help me out on this topic I would be most gratefull?

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  1. you cant boot windows from an external hard drive
  2. As jefe323 said you can't. Do you have a valid licence for all those W7 versions?
    Anyone with an valid Enterprise eddition can get support from Microsoft.
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