Amd or intel ? Gaming laptop for an mba student....suggestions

Hello guys, im confused which laptop to buy for moderate gaming(world of tanks,cod4 mp..etc).

My budget is approx 900$

Which processor is good amd or intel ? for gaming as well as for other moderate use like making ppt,email, intense web surfing :pt1cable: .......and other tasks, i need it for my mba studies.

I think a dedicated graphic card should help for gaming needs (ex radeon 7***, intel HD4000,etc)...
any suggestions?
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  1. Why not just build one yourself? however for budget laptop gor amd, but bare in mind older amd processors are terrible compared to intel. If anything got for i5 dual core with intel which should saitsfy your needs completely, would list some shops but I live in uk and i dont have much experience with US markets regarding laptops, but from what I heard newegg is good? also exotic pc, have a look at them and let me know if you found something that you specifically like :) regardless, rob.
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