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For Graphic Drawing and Picture Editing. What is the better card for it. ATI or the GForce II?
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  1. we are talking 2D stuff here right?

    either is good. both are overkill and even 32mb DDR can handle very high resolutions with high refresh rates.

    picture quality... *shrugs*
    some swear by the ATI radion... others swear AT it.
    my 4mb diamond stealth 2000 had a great picture quality... up to 1024x768. and that was years ago!
    as did my ATI 4mb ragepro PCI, and my tnt2, tnt2pro, and my current geforce2pro.

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  2. If your not into 3D and games are not your thing, do yourself (and your eyes) a big favor and get a Matrox G450, the very best for 2D image-quality! Furthermore, if you eventually want the niceties of using 2 monitors (as I do with Photoshop), the G450 accomodates that. :smile:
  3. I do high-end 2D design and video editing on both GeForce2 cards and RADEON cards.
    I can’t notice a performance difference between them.
    The RADEON does have some Win2K driver issues though so I would probably recommend the GeForce2.

    - I got a board too:
  4. Either would do fine in my opinion...

    I have an aging Ge2 GTS in my computer, and I really don't see much difference in picture in 2d design than with the AIW I tested.

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