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Acer aspire 1650 laptop bluetooth recovery help

My Acer Aspire 1650 built-in bluetooth is disabled and not working yet, but other bluetooth devices can work properly but its built-in bluetooth is not working and disabled, why? i dont know how that problem arised?
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  1. If you have a switch to turn on/off WiFi, the internal Bluetooth is sometimes connected to it. Try turning the switch off then back on to see if the Bluetooth recognizes.

    If not, check device manager an make sure it shows installed.
  2. Thanks for reply me, I did that but nothing, the bluetooth is still not working and in Device Manager it does not show any built-in blue tooth device. May be it is hardware problem. So what do I do.
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    Your model has a seperate switch for the bluetooth on the front center of the laptop (just to the left of the WiFi switch) Make sure it is ON, a light should indicate that it is on. Seen on page 4 here ->

    In device manager, are there any "unknown devices" or items with yellow triangles on them?

    If yes: Driver may be missing, or corrupted. Download latest drivers from the Acer website.

    If no: Are the USB ports working? Do any of the USB ports look like they're missing any pieces? The BT Module is connected via USB internally. If a problem exists on a USB port, it could keep the bluetooth from recognizing.

    The bluetooth module is secured with two screws to the underside of the palmrest (see link above), so I doubt that it has come loose. It requires a fair amount of dis-assembly to check. I would have this done by a professional if the above steps don't work.
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