My Usb ports doesn't work, i have a medion pc

i saw one of you postes in [...] ports-work
Its because can you help me find the chip thing for my computer, Medion Akoya E6217. I have windows 7 ultimate.
Just to clear it out, my USB ports detects that i connect my WD My Passport Essential SE 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive but it cant connect it.
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  1. Please place your link inside of a BB code block like this without the 1.

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    Without this the forums tend to BREAK longer URLs

    Does the drive get to show up in disk management?(diskmgmt.msc from start search or run).

    IF not, does it work on USB 2.0 ports?

    If you ONLY have usb 2.0 ports, you may need a cable to use power from 2(TWO) usb ports as USB ports are only supposed to deliver 500ma(2.5 watts).

    Many 2.5 inch drives need more power.

    If you listen to the drive, you may here it trying over and over to spin up, if you hear that, it needs more power(2 ports, 1 for power and data and one for power only).

    Some computers will deliver enough power for a single USB port, while others do not.
  2. screenshot of device manage please.
  3. OKay thx for the help, i dont know why but i have tried for a long time and nothing worked.
    Then when i saw your answers then suddenly it starts regually. So much GG but thx for the fast help <3
  4. So it all works as needed now?

    strange. Did you change any settings?
  5. sorry nukemaster for not answering you, i have had no troubles with it before now. And no i didn't change anything, the only thing i did was to turn down the computer. Then take out the batterie and leave it for 1 hour maybe. But my problem is back. And to all the questions you asked in the first place, yes it makes alot of noise and it lights up in the "turn on" ligthspot. My computer also tells me that there is a "unknown device" as i connect my harddisk
  6. I would try it on another system if you can just to also listen to what it sounds like starting, then try it on the laptop again. if it sounds like it is just trying again and again, chances are the power is an issue(the 2x usb connector would be the best option for that).
  7. The sounds is like, its starting up on my other computer, and works fine, but then when i go back to my laptop it stops working again. But the startup sound from the usb device is the same as on they other com
  8. OK, well that does not sound like a power issue. Power issues sound like it starts to spin then stops then starts over and over because it can not get enough power.

    What is even stranger is that you have it working for a bit after removing the battery.

    I have never seen a USB(2.0) port half work.
  9. nope me neither, its really an issue for me since i'm sharing my school files on the usb harddrive. But yeah, guys on the forum i'm open to every suggestion you have
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