Looking for advice on a laptop/netbook

My girlfriend will be going to Africa for the Peace Corps for two years, and she wants to bring a laptop with her. Price range is $200-$300.

First requirement is reliability since repairs will be impossible out there. All she really needs is to be able to manage pictures from her phone and upload them online and to run her blog. She prefers Windows 7 and is skeptical of getting a Chromebook. Also, anything with no fans is a plus because fans generally tend to break over time, especially on laptops (am I correct on this?).

Thanks for the help!
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  1. no fans? there is no laptops with no fans lool
    anyway for that price range you should look into netbooks

    newegg netbooks sorted by most ratings

    This one is not bad with win 7 starter
  2. Well I've read that there are netbooks that don't have fans, despite your laughter.
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