Laptop fan very loud but computer is cool

Hi everyone,

I have an Asus X53E laptop, it's 5 months old.

It's in very good condition. Currently in dual boot with Windows 7 and Ubuntu.

Today the fan has been running very loudly. Upon startup it runs very loud and it doesn't stop (even as I am typing this now). CoreTemp reads temperature at 40 degrees Celsius, never surpassing 42 degrees.

I've never had this happen and am afraid in the long term having the fan run at 100% will ultimately lead to me having to replace it.




After restarting computer 3 times, blowing into the fan exhaust, and gently thumping the laptop with the fan towards the ground, the fan doesn't run at 100% anymore. Back to normal :bounce:

But is there a reason to the original problem?
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  1. Hmm, odd.

    Perhaps the one of the fan's PWM control wires came loose or something, but that is pretty far fetched.
  2. Sometimes i get bizarre CPU usage in Win 7. I could be doing something as simply as surfing the net, but my i5-2410m is running at full speed; 2.7GH / 2.9GHz. I look at task manager and FireFox is fluctuating between 1% to 8% CPU usage. Some background programs fluctuates between 0% to 4%. The CPU does not seem to be doing anything that requires it to run at full speed and thus cause the fan to ramp up to full speed.

    As a temporary fix I put the laptop into power saving mode where the maximum CPU usage is 0% (under Advanced Power Settings). Annoying, but i can't find any other solution so far.

    You can download a widget call All CPU Meter which is what I use the monitor CPU usage and CPU temps. You will need to install Core Temp though to monitor the CPU temps. You can download the widget and Core Temp in the following link:
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