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xp install woes

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October 26, 2003 2:30:37 PM

ok, i have a brand new a7n8x asus board, with a amd barton 2500, and 512mb ram, a 120 gig, with the e: drive partitioned for the OS, i have a cd drive installed, but no floppy drive. I have ample power. I have no os but i am trying to install xp Pro. Two things wrong, maybe its one that acts like two. First thing, though i have found a partial fix, is that when the system is booting up, after it tests memory it goes to cd boot up....., or just boot up.... the line before this says
verifying DMI pool data..... and here it says no more until it gets to the cd boot:...
it should tell me verifying DMI pool data.... successful
but it doesnt. Now what i looked on the internet and found is that if i through bios disable the 2 cache settings and reboot the v dmi will succeed and it does. But it only does this once, until i go and reenable the 2 cache files. so this is annoying.

When I boot up, originally i set boot first cdrom drive. So after reboot on occasion the cd rom boots, it doesnt always, most of the time the system hangs at
cd boout up... or something. when it does, i get through the win xp setup, and it reboots itself, now i have read i let it reboot and it will see the boot from cd message and go past it, however when it gets there the boot from cd... message just hangs and on three of the screens spots, dos type blocks turn red and blink on the screen, ok i know this is alot but im hoping to get atleast a tidbit of info, please help. and does anyone know if my mb maker is whom i should call first??????????

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October 27, 2003 3:21:18 AM

Have you tried clearing the CMOS and resetting it, to setup defaults, and resetting the date and time? Sometimes when you get a M/B its been pretested and the CMOS has to be cleared, simply because the hardware the chipset is looking for has changed.

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