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I was wondering if you guys have any though of what is better for a small home network: a 100mbps hub or a 100mbps switch. I have heard that switch is faster than the hub And is there noticable difference between a 100mbps and a 10mbps hub!
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  1. 1) 100 is noticeable over 10

    2) Switch is better, although if you've only got 2 PC's it won't be noticeable. The difference is that the packets get repeated out ALL ports on a hub, but only get repeated out the destination MAC address port on a switch, thereby reducing collision potential. So the more machines on the LAN the better a switch would be vs. a hub.

    If the switch is only a bit more expensive than the hub, go with the switch.

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  2. If it's just for a small home network then either would work fine, although I'm not sure how LAN gaming on a switch would be affected since it doesn't broadcast everything like a hub.

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  3. if it's a true broadcast, it will go out every port.

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  4. a switch is a hub with a "brain" definately go for a switch if you can afford the diffrence, basically a hub is just like a splitter, it just splits the data up, whereas a switch will send it only where its meant to go.

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  5. Switch does not cost a lot more than a hub. Just get a switch.
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