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In reviewing this card, found at here: was mentioned that the drivers for this card were unstable. I wonder if there has been improvement on this front? I'm plan to run this card on a AMD 1.4ghz DDR system based on the 760AMD chipset, Asus A7M266. I'd like to build a mid-level system to climb the learning curve for 3D Studio Max. I'll be running After Effects and other standard graphics apps. Are there any considerations with chipset/card? I plan to install Win2000 on the machine. sil
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  1. Seeing as how Gloria 2 won't be terribly powerful, just get it's GeForce equivalent and use softquadro. Or better yet get a better GeForce eries, and use softquadro. And yes the drivers have improved. Don't forget to use Maxtreme- it REALLY increases performance.

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  2. I'm not familiar with softquadro, can you post a link or point me to a resource so I can read up on this facility?

    A friend told me to get a Leadtek Winfast Geforce 2 Ultra and "forcing" it to take the GLoria III drivers. He's running a GeForce2 Pro with forced quadro 2 drivers.
  3. found the link for the softquadro by searching the forums. would appreciate feedback on forcing drivers though.
  4. Nothing to it, won't mess up yours system. Just d-load and press the patch it or whatever button.

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