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I'm looking to make a bit more room in the house (for other arcade games and
pinballs, etc.) and have decided to slim down my current arcade collection a
bit. I have the following games for sale with what I believe is a fair
price. I can send you any pictures you wish as well as further information
on any game. I'd like the games to be picked up from my house. That way
you can inspect and play the game and know exactly what you're getting for
your money. I want you to be happy with your purchase. Anyway, here's the

Joust - $300.00
This game plays great and is all original with the exception of the control
panel overlay. The game was de-converted from Rough Rangers and as such the
sides have been stripped but not re-painted. Leg levelers are not on the

TRON - $400.00
This game plays great and has all the black lights working. Cosmetically,
the sides of the game have the usual wear and needs a new control panel

Lunar Lander - $800.00
This game truly is in excellent condition. The cabinet is in great shape
with no holes drilled in it and side-art with VERY minimal scratches from
moving around. I purchased this game from a guy who was going to part it
out, sell it on e-bay, and MAME the cabinet. The game was in such good
condition that I decided to save it. I understand that this game isn't for
everyone and is probably why it's in such good shape. Has the older style
coin door in "straight" non-rusted condition.

Asteriods - $400.00
This game plays great and has the older style coin door. Sides of cabinet
have minimal scratches and front of cabinet is free of drilled holes. The
control panel has the usual paint missing and the bezel has been torn where
the operator placed the vending sticker. Cabinet has a crack near the coin
door but only noticable from the inside of the game so I don't think it
broke completely through. I can send close-up pics of this area if you
want. Looks like a frustrated gamer kicked the game real heard. Has the
older style coin door but is slightly bent. I have attempted to "flatten"
it as best I can. I can also give you a "straight" coin door I intended to
put in the game but needs to be re-painted.

Missile Command - $350.00
Game plays great but cabinet is in need of repair as it looks like a corner
that one of the leg levelers is attached to is missing. I have repro side
art I could sell you with the game for an additional fee. The control panel
is missing some paint. Track-ball has new bearings and a new black bezel.
Coin door is slightly bent but I believe I have another I might sell with
the game.

Championship Sprint - $150.00
Game plays fine but cabinet needs to be painted. I have a new control panel
overlay I'll throw in with the game.

Vindicators - $200.00
The game plays great and cosmetically is in good condition. Small amount of
wear on "tank treads" on bottom of game.

NARC - $100.00
Game plays fine but one of the colors in the meduim resolution monitor is
out. Cabinet is in good condition with some cracking in control panel

Guerrela War - $225.00
Game is in excellent working condition.

CyberSled - $150.00
Dual player sit-down game. One side works and the other needs monitor work
done to it. This thing is heavy! Bring friends...lots of them.

All of these games have been kept in a dry basement or upstairs in my den.
Please let me know if you have questions.

Thanks for looking,

Ron Gadow
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  1. Hello-- It is Dec. 3 and wondered if you still have any arcade games for sale. I live near the Quad Cities and could drive quite easily to Rockford,. We are looking for Christmas presents. Thanks so much for your reply. Tari
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