Memory Leaks?

Hi, I recently purchased a Leadtek WinFast GeForce 2 Pro 64 mb ram for my P3 500 with 512 mb ram (AGP 2x is supported). I'm pleased with the speed of the card but lately I have been experiencing memory leaks. It may or may not be related to an event that happened about a week before I got the new card....I shall outline briefly what happened:

First, I doubled my ram to 512 so I could increase my AGP aperture from 64 to 256 (there was no option for 128). About a week after that, I had a complete structural collapse for no apparent reason (3 system files lost or corrupted, including HIMEM.SYS, WIN.COM not found, and my windows folder mysteriously moving from my C drive to my second hard drive...BIOS setup not responding). After many a trial and error with Dell tech support, I unplugged my second hard drive, and everything was back to normal (replugging the second hd worked fine).

Next, I can't remember if this happened before or after I installed the new video card, but my computer no longer shuts down by itself; it sits endlessly at the black DOS screen with a blinking cursor. Next, 99% of the time when I try to restard the computer, I get a Blue Screen of Death saying that there was an error in VXD VCACHE, and I need to hit the reboot button to get past it.

Back to my present problem... More and more often I'm getting a warning message that "System memory is very low. Norton AntiVirus may be unable to continue running properly." (I keep all my virus definition files up to date, by the way.) This happens most often when alt-tabbing in and out of Diablo II. Also, with each Alt-Tab, I notice that my free resources in My Computer Properties drops by a large amount. Also, I get a complete lock-up after playing through a few missions of MechWarrior IV (it happened much more frequently if I had it set to Ultra-High detail with Anti-Aliasing on). Neither one of these problems occured when I was using my old TNT card.

I have the latest LeadTek drivers, but I just noticed that nVidia's Detonator 3 drivers v 12.41 came out last month....would using the Det3 drivers solve this or is there another solution?
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  1. Very bad combo of problems. Seems like the best solution at this point would be a complete windows reinstall.

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  2. i agree, most sites i've seen recommend you do a complete reinstall of the os after you've changed the hardware on your system. I don't do that, but with your problems...

    it sounds like the best option that requires the least amount of effort to troubleshoot. if you still have problems after you do a clean install then you know you have hardware problems.

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