How do i fix sims from crashing or what laptop is best for it?

i have had the Sims 3 now for about 2 years and at first if worked perfectly fine and then it crashed on me :o at first i let off but then it kept on clashing non stop and now my Graphics have also gone really dark on The Sims 3 now. my dad have put anti virus scans and updated Sims and gone through all of my setting i have even re-installed the Sims 3 about 3 times now expansions packs everything. i now have gotten to the point that i have had it.... i gave up on Sims for a while after that but i love the Sims so much..
i have a HP laptop with windows 8 on it
if someone could put some shine into my Sims life that would be lovely :)
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  1. Have you tried posting this question in the official Sims 3 forum? You will likely get better responses since that site is specific to the Sims 3.

    Perhaps it is a particular expansion that is causing the problem? The only way to tell is to install the original game play it for a while then install one of the expansions, then play again for a while to see if there are any issues. Continue to install one expansion and play the game until all the expansions have been installed. Perhaps that is the easier way to find out what the problem is.

    I also recommend that you install the expansions in the same order they were released.
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