Is alienware computer worth anything without a hard drive?

When my son died, the police confiscated the hard drive from his Alienware laptop. Is it worth installing a new hard drive? I am not a gamer, so the graphics, etc., are not really an asset to me. Thanks!
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  1. At some point they should have returned the drive to you.

    It's still a computer - if you need a laptop, it would suffice, or you could sell it on craigslist. (I'd say for about 50% what it would cost new.)
  2. I'm sorry for your loss.

    It should work fine for general use (office, web etc) with a new hard drive. There may have been a disk that came with it to reload windows and all the drivers. If not, you can get one by calling Alienware.
  3. Considering the value of all the other components it would be worth it probably to buy a new HD, slap it in and you are good to go.
    Now if your GPU dies then.....
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