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Acer 5336-2524 Power Lights Blinking

Here's the story, I got this laptop from a friend who's daughter had knocked over a cup onto the laptop. She gave it to me to fix and I've been sitting on it for over a year now with it being unplugged, disconnected from battery and power, and not used at all. Before I put it into storage, I opened it up, removed all the parts, let em dry and checked for any damage, in which I found a little bit of oxidation which I cleaned off with a cleaner that we sell at my work designed for cleaning oxidation off of computer parts called Deox-It. At that point, the keyboard had quit working but I attributed that to the fact that I dropped it after I had taken it apart.

Anyway, time passed, I remembered I had the laptop so I decided to see what could be done with it. First things first, I plugged it in and voila! It was working. Keyboard was still shot but that's what they make USB ones for, eh? The only problem was, I couldn't get the laptop to reliably power/charge. It would turn on, start charging and then all the three lights indicating power would start blinking in sequence, non-stop. So, I figured the DC jack was bad, ordered a new one, and just finished installing and, yet again, voila! It started working a lot more reliably. However, it isn't reliably enough, every so ofter, it'll quit and all the lights will start blinking and it's a pain in the butt to get them to stop and for it to start charging.

I've tested the AC charger out with a multimeter and I am getting accurate voltage on it, however I didn't test it for long so I have no idea if it's reliable voltage or if it's fluctuating over time.

Anyone have any clue as to what's going on? I'm assuming that's it's because of the water damaging something that I just can't fix on the motherboard but figured I'd get a second, third, or maybe even fourth opinion.

Thanks and have a good day!
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    Sounds like your on it. Replacing the MoBo may be your only option at this point - if it's worth the cost and labor.

    I couldn't locate any of error/blink codes for that model, but I did find a LOT of issues with charging/power/battery, so finding a good MoBo replacement may be difficult.
  2. I figured that would be the case. Thanks for the reply, I'll just see if I can re-purpose it for some other use! Cup holder maybe? Lol.
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