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When right clicking a link in Internet Explorer 6.0 on a WinXP Pro system and selecting "Open in New Window", the new Window opens unmaximized in the center of my monitor. I would prefer to have the new window open maximized. I had this problem in the past, and after repeatedly having to manually maximize the new window, the problem went away. Frustrating, don't know why. I've tried searching the Microsoft Support Site Knowledge Base, but only found articles relating to Office and Outlook having this problem. I set this behavior in motion by right clicking the taskbar when I had multiple IE6 Web Page Windows open and selecting cascade windows...ever since doing that, IE6 is now opening new windows in the smaller unmaximized size. I've tried maximizing the windows, then closing them, using no command keys, using the shift, crl and alt keys, but still they open in the unmaximized size. Since I have dialup, I depend on the "open in new window" command so as not to have to reload the beginning or home page of a web site constantly. Any ideas how I can get IE6 to work the way I want it to? Thanks for your help!
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  1. FYI: Problem solved. R click a link to open a second window, r click the taskbar and select tile windows vertically, set the first window to restore position (boxes upper r) and drag edges to full screen, set 2nd window to maximize and close. Both windows will now open maximized. Mess around long enough and...
  2. Also, when this ever comes up again, check out <A HREF="" target="_new">IE New Window Maximizer</A>. :wink:

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  3. Thanks, BT! Appreciate the link. I've got the program downloaded and I'll install it if I have any more problems. Thanks!
  4. Awesome...I hope it's just the ticket. See ya! :smile:

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