Detonator 3 Drivers for GeForce2 MX

Detonator Drivers for GeForce2 MX from NVidia

Just wanted to know if they really show that much more performance and if it's worth it for reliability sake?

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  1. I have found that the double digit, 10.xx +, drivers are significantly faster than the single digit drivers. With my Geforce256 SDR, 14.10 is fastest for me but all the double digit ones are very close. The official drivers, 12.41, might be a tad slower than the others.

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  2. My MX400 works the best using the 12:20 drivers. Anything after slows it down with stability problems and anything before I tried had a problem with my monitor detection. So I am just sticking with the 12:20s.

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  3. The 12.90's rock on my system, but not for everyone's.

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