Laptop for 500-600€

Hi im looking at laptops again because sony mobiles have stopped shipping to ireland
Em i would like a laptop with a 3rd gen i5 and a 640m or the equivalent
For light gaming and general work
And yea i know i could build a grand desktop for this money i already have parts picked out!
But i need a laptop because im going on a lot of long haul flights in the next while
Thanks :)
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  1. It doesn't have an intel processor but I would recommend getting the m6-1105 dx which can be found at BestBuy for $599. It has an AMD VISION A10 Processor which comes with a pretty good discrete graphics card. Best of luck.
  2. Looks great but not available in the uk :(
  3. Would this bottleneck ?
    Pentium 2.5 ghz
    GeForce 650m
    And 4gb of 1600 mhz ram
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