Dell Inspiron n5010 Booting Fault - PLEASE HELP!


I've got an Inspiron n5010 which developed a fault recently. It appeared to suffer a small drop inside my van whilst being transported. Immediately after this the laptop would not POST and was giving off 3 bleeps repeatedly. I left it a while and tried turning it on - this time the laptop did POST but before booting into any part of windows showed the following error:

PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, Check Cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM

At this point when entering the BIOS the old hard drive was no longer visible as being connected. I removed the hard drive and installed it in my desktop PC but there was no life whatsoever. No attempt to spin up, nothing. I concluded that the fault was with the hard drive itself as it appeared to be showing no signs of being powered up.

Today I got a new Samsung Spinpoint HDD and installed it in the laptop. Upon powering up and entering the BIOS the new HDD was detected and visible. When initially trying to boot from this drive (just to see where we got) produced the same error as before? I then booted from my Windows 7 installation DVD which showed the first 2 grey progress bars saying 'windows is loading files...' . The next splash screen came up saying 'starting windows' and then it just hangs. There are no activity lights from either the HDD or the DVD drive during this time and it shows no signs of responding again (even after a looooooong time)

Trying to boot from the HDD again (just for the sake of checking) produces the same PXE-E61 error as before. :pfff:

Can someone please shed some light on this, what exactly is the matter and what can I do to repair??

Cheers James
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  1. Laptop repair shop...for diagnosis...

    All the best Brett :)
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