A/W or Optimus III?

Hi, I'm currently in the market for a laptop and was wondering what your thoughts on the 2 I can't choose between were, thanks.

A/W M17 r4, 3740, 7970m, 8gb, 256 crucial ssd + 750gb 7200rpm, KillerN, no warrenty but live close, buy now for £1400 cash.

Optimus III, 3740, 7970m, 8gb kingston, 240 intel 520 ssd + 750 scorpio 7200rpm, intel ultimate wi-fi, upgraded sound card (£82), Artic paste, 3yr silver warrenty, if I buy the vortex III 680 I think I can then Amend the order with these specs for about £1400 (I think).
Thanks again.
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  1. Sorry I mean Vortex III.
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