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please help me with this error that howoften bother me.

DDE Server window: Explorer.exe _ Application Error
The instruction at "0x02886012" referenced memory at "0x02a40954". The memory could not be "read".

click on OK to terminate the program.
click CANCEL to debug the program.

It is a very old error that some times lead to reseting.
I try alot of alternatives like changing module of ram, use ASSUS A7V333 recommended ram, earthing the case of the pc(electric decharging); updating moderboard and vgaboard bios and all available drivers.
Iwant to know what this error refer to , can I solve it or it is just a warning that some times when you tease
your computer alot , comes up.

thank you and by.
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  1. I get this same error. I've been searching all over the web, nothing in the MS Knowledge base. If you find anything please post.




    The instruction at "OXOlcd3942" referenced memory at"OXOldd57c8," The memory could not be "read"

  2. I answer it after 2 or 3 years, thanks to "view your post" option of this forum.
    after 3 or 2 formating and installing new windows, the problem gone.
    it seems like there is some kind of problem that needs time.
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