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I'm building a new system and would like to make some budget video acquisition and editing from from/to VHS VCR.
1)What could I do with the ATI card in the subject?
I know it's very cheap, but it's just to begin, and in
the CPU market all is stressed to 3D game performance
while the video in/out is not so common in budget cards.
2)Do u think the the Fireball AS could be a bottleneck in that system (KT133A / Duron900 / 256MB), i.e. an EIDE RAID system could improve the editing job (I'm thinking to MSI K7T turbo-r, Asus A7V133..)?
3)To acquire also from a DV camera, do I need a simple firewire card?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Well if you are using DV and a firewire hookup, any video card will do. As long as you have a program to edit your DV files which then you record back onto your DV camcorder. From there you can transfer to a VHS format or what not. That would probably be your highest quality method and keeping the computer costs down.

    The RageFury Pro has composite output and SVHS output, relatively clean signals for recording but not professional levels. There is no Video In on a RageFury pro. Now the All-In-Wonder pro there is both a composite input and SVHS input. Now if you have old videos in VHS, Beta, SVHS etc. then the capture ability of the All-In-Wonder pro would work good in that aspect. As for playing DV files it wouldn't work unless the file is converted to like Mpeg2 which the RageFury pro could play flawlessly. Still the more conversions you make the lower the quality output. That is why many people like to do uncompressed AVI files to limit any degradation of files but then huge and faster hard drives are needed as well, plus a pretty fast cpu.

    To keep the cost down you can buy a Radeon Le, then buy a TV wonder card from ATI for the capture ability or any other capture ability card. The TV card will have VideoIn and VideoOut the same as the All-In-Wonder. Also ATI makes a pretty fine Firewire card for your DV camcorder for a rather decent price. This method will allow you to change out your graphics card to anything you want without worrying about losing capture and playback ability of videos.

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  2. Tom just did a reveiw of Digital Video Editing solutions today. You may want to check it out <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>. It will give you enough infor to get you started.

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  3. Ok, thanks both for the help.

    >The RageFury Pro has composite output and SVHS output,
    >relatively clean signals for recording but not
    >professional levels.

    Ok, it's what I thought.

    >There is no Video In on a RageFury pro.

    I think there is a version of ATI Fury Pro with the video-in as per ATI site here:
    also confimermed by my hw shop.

    Thanks again
  4. Rage Fury pro VIVO, had one for a couple of years, good card
    ps when using video capture you need BIG HDDs. for example raw DV format is about 20Gb per hour, and takes about 4 hrs to encode into MPEG1 (vcd format) with 1G Athtlon....

    so think carefully about the numbers before making any decisions about hardware... the maths is easy and wothwhile.

    also be aware that some software captures in a propriatry format, then converts to the elected format (avi etc) when you stop capturing.... this can take AGES. and require huge temp files ie 20G so experiment and time short captures ie 1 min before attempting to do 30mins etc.. unwise settings could find your computer busy for the rest of the day....

    but remember done with a little forethought vidoediting can be lots of fun... go for it!
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