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hi people,

well this is my very strange all started when i ran sisoft sandra and it said to me thet my mobo and video card supoorts AGP 2x but i am running at AGP 1x.
it said to me to install the AGP mini drivers.
my rig is a PII 400MHz
pcpartner sim819d mobo (sis5600 chipset)
leadtek geforce 2 mx
driver 12.41

so i whent and installed the mini drivers for the sis5600 chipset thet i downloaded from the pcpartner site.
now sandra is not showing the AGP 1x massage and AGP 2x is on(i am not sure) but the problam is thet all of my games lock up after the intro screen in the manu(games: summoner,max payne)
what happend ???? please help???

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  1. You might have to turn on AGP 2X in your BIOS.

    As for your other problem, if your AGP driver loaded it's own version of GART then locate the file called ATIGART.EXE and rename it to something like ATIGART.SAV. This will keep it from loading. You can't have two GART drivers running on the same system.
  2. i dont have an option to enable agp 2x in my bios!!!
    and i cant find any file called atigart.exe???
  3. I had a quick look at the PC Partner web site and it lists the AGP port as V1.0 which suggests to me the first inplementation of AGP which was 1x only. Your board being a Slot 1 based board, *most* early slot 1 boards were only 1x to my knowledge.

    Simple solution upgrade the MB to one that supports 2x or even 4x.
  4. no man,
    if u looked at the manuel 4 my board u will see thet it supports agp 2x!!!

  5. Sorry, I've been using Via chipsets for too long.

    If you don't have Atigart.exe then don't worry about.

    Try downloading a utility called Geforce Tweak from <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> and use it to manually set AGP to 1X. If this works then it is likely that AGP 2X is just not stable on your system. If it doesn't work (meaning you can switch to 1X but you still have the same problem) then uninstall the AGP driver and start over again.

    As someone else mentioned, if you have AGP v1.0 then AGP 2x may be unstable or it may not work at all. Many motherboards had problems with this.
  6. thnx man

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