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No HDMI option in Sound Playback


I hope someone can help.

I have an Aspire 5738Z laptop running Windows 7 Home Premimum.
I am trying to set up a HDMI cable connection to my Toshiba Smart TV.
The picture is fine but there's no sound.
When I go into Sound in the Control Panel, there is no HDMI option to choose in order to send the output to the TV speakers (only "Speakers" and "S/Digital Audio S/PDIF) .
I've tried downloading various Graphics Media Accelerator Drivers from the ACER, INTEL and REALTEK sites but they all say that they are not validated for my computer.
I am stuck! Please can someone help?
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    Sounds like your laptop doesn't have sound on the hdmi port. That's a common problem for older laptops and even desktops with older graphic cards.
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