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I bought acer recovery discs for my new hard drive but its not working!

I had to get a new hard drive recently for my acer aspire 5551 and I contacted acer and they made me buy the erecovery disc. That's fine except they won't work! I follow the directions and I'm supposed to select the cd or dvd. They don't show up in the F12 menu. I don't know what to do. Someone please help!

It's windows 7 btw.
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  1. You have to change the boot priorities so that the dvd drive is first. Then insert the disk and reboot your computer. Your computer should boot into the install disk. Also are you sure the recovery disks contain windows in them? It might be just drivers.
  2. if they are not showing up in the boot menu when you press the F12 key, then you might need to go into the bios and enable booting from the DVD rom drive. Usually you can go into the bios with the del key, F2 key, and sometimes F10 key; It varies, but it usually shows when you are turning on your computer/laptop as 'press f2 for setup' or something like that.

    Then you will have to go into boot options and make sure that the CD/dvd rom drive is enabled for booting. (some people disable it for various reasons, including the spreading of viruses).
  3. I've tried all of that. When i press F12 CD/dvd rom isnt even showing up at all. So then I went into F2 and changed the boot priorities and still nothing happens. I'm thinking maybe its a bad disc? I've tried everything. I did read somewhere on here that the black hard drive needs to be formatted but it said it was only for vista/xp.

    I made sure it had windows 7 on it before I bought it.
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    put the dvd in another computer and see what is on the dvd.
  5. danny2000 said:
    put the dvd in another computer and see what is on the dvd.

    Thanks danny2000. I didn't think of that.
    I put the disc into another computer and the disc is completely blank.
  6. eek, is this a homemade dvd that someone burned, or is it an official Oem DVD?
  7. Official. Bought it direct from acer for $20
  8. hmm, that is really strange. but I guess it can happen.
    I guess, you will have to call them back and let them know; There's not much you can do with blank dvd's other than use them as a mirror for your desk.
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