AGP and Geforce2 GTS Pro?????

I am about to buy a new video card and i have this question. Will a Geforce2 GTS 64MB DDR Pro card work with just a regular AGP slot. I have a Tyan Trinity S1854 motherboard with a regular AGP slot(not a Pro slot) and i want to know if this card will work with my motherboard?????
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  1. You don't need an AGP Pro slot for most of high end vga cards.
    I think you won't have any problem installing a GF2 GTS, Pro, Ultra on your regular AGP slot
  2. no problam running the geforce 2 or the geforce 3 on an
    agp 4x

  3. <font color=blue>Great question and above is true. Pro on the gf2 is not referencing the pro AGP in AGP Pro, although it will work with AGP Pro slots. Some older agp slots have notches in them. Good mobos will have generic AGP slots that have no notches. AGP Pro slots moved the old notch and added a hooking lever on the end. High end v cards have both slots availiable and work in anything. The only performance difference (correct me if I am wrong - I was just told this once) is the voltage supplied to the AGP Pro is higher. With a good mobo you can specify this anyway.

    :cool: <i><font color=blue>on company time....</i>
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