Asus U36S, vids slows computer alotafter installing SSD & clean W7


Bought a new SSD for my Asus U36SD laptop couple months back. The disk is working fine and it's much faster than hdd. Did a clean W7 install with the upgrade and DL'd and installed all the newest drivers from asus & nvidia.

Specs: i5-2410M, Nvidia 520M/Intel 3000, 4 GB RAM, SSD: Kingston HyperX 3k SSD 240GB

Now the problem is that whenever I try to watch any form of video (.avi on ssd or streaming youtube etc) while doing something else at the same time my computer and the video starts lagging, sound starts crackling (not sure of the english word) and sometimes even end up freezing / blue screening. Most of the time when I only play 1 vid and don't do anything else, it plays just fine. Sometimes the lagging will stop after a minute or so closing the vid. Sometimes it doesn't and even AFTER reboot the windows logging in sound is still crackling and computer slow'ish.

My thinking is that the problem is one of theese:

- Drivers. Going to do another clean install of Windows asap.

- Overheating. According to Hwinfo my cpu/graphic card temp went to 95c while running 3dmark11 but they should be able to take that kind of temperature. Still seems odd that my cpu/gpu starts overheating after installing the ssd. The fan is working fine and whenever my comp starts lagging fan-speed starts increasing.

- The SSD. I have no clue how the ssd could affect this. I did flash my bios just for sure but didn't help me. There isn't any firmware updates for the ssd.

Whenever computer becomes slow some softwares I'm using uses more cpu than they should. Any conclusion can be made from this? Sometimes when i pop up Resource Monitor a thing called 'System Interrupts' uses ~25% of CPU. I've seen this just couple of times and isn't nearly always using the cpu when computer starts slowing down. No clue about this one, something to do with drivers(?)

Anyone had similar problems and/or could help me?
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  1. The slowing starts usually when I have a couple of poker tables running and I open up a youtube vid. Also after running the 3dmark11 it happened.
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