GeForce 3 lockups! Please help!

First of all, this is my system spec:

Athlon Thunderbird 1.333Ghz 266FSB
Asus A7M266 Mobo with 1.004 BIOS (latest)
Crucial 256MB PC-2100 DDR Ram
Asus V8200 Pure GeForce 3 Card
Creative Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer
3Com NIC
I don't think others are important

I am running:
Win2k SP2
DirectX 8.0a
Detonator3 12.90 Driver
Latest Via 4in1
Latest AMD AGP miniport driver

I am having this problem: During games, my system would just completely lock up and I am unable to do anything but using the reset button, not even ctrl-alt-delete to end task! And that's in Win2k! This sympton is specially clear when I play Counter Strike, Black & White, and Diablo II. CS&BW seems to crash much faster, like within 10 min, but D2 sometimes can run like more than half an hour. I have tried the 12.41 and 12.60 drivers, and they don't really seem to help. I really can't figure out what to do! Please please help me, is there some crucial settings in BIOS/Control Panel/NVMAX that I should adjust? Or any patch I should install? I have tried enabling/disabling Fast Write and Side Banding, but they don't seem to work... I don't think it's heat or power issue either, since I have 300W PSU and about 7 case fans... Please help me!

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  1. Try disabling AGP 4x (you won't really lose any performance). If that doesn't work, chances are it won't. I have that same motherboard, and I couldn't get any GeForce cards to run with it. It's some sort of AMD and Nvidia incompatibility.

    I know it's not what you wanted to hear, but I fought this same battle for 2 straight weeks, then bought an ATi card. Even then I had to keep AGP 4x Disabled, but it runs smooth as glass.
  2. Little FUD right there.

    Are you overclocking anything, if so, lower the overclock, also make sure you have enough power, if its a 300w you may be at the limits.

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  3. Nope, not overclocking anything at all.

    I am going to give AGP 2X a try, but first I am going to format and get rid of all the Video drivers I have tried.

    Thanks guys!
  4. I was reading Nvidia's FAQ's and they say.. the ASUS K7M and A7V I/O voltage is set to 3.4V by default. Set this to 3.31V since this is the "official" voltage for video cards.

    Don't know if that will help or not. If you figure out how to fix your problem, please post it here. I was just looking at upgrading my system to your exact specs, but I have been reading about alot of issues between AMD chipsets and the Geforce series.

    I just installed a Geforce 2 Ultra on my older Soyo 6VBA133 with VIA Apollo 133 chipset and well ... they don't seem to like eachother very well .... I am having mucho problemos. I seem to be having a little Civil War going on inside my computer case =( That's why I am looking at updrading my mobo.

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  5. AMD and Nvidia incompatibility? I have the a7m266 with a ;eadtek 32mb geforce 2 gts pro and it runs fine and im sure the same goes for geforce 3, but im not 100% sure.
  6. Yes I fixed the problem, look at my post in the Motherboard forum. It's a voltage issue with DDR's.

    Thanks guys!
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