windows xp startup problems

Recently I download a degragmenting program from and it was called Diskeeper 8.0. During the
degragmenting progress, the computer froze before the
defragmenting was done (about 25% of the way). I then restarted
the computer, and it brought up a disc check for my main hd,
drive c: That test completed successfully and I was then taken
into windows, where everything was working fine. I then retryed
the defragmenting process which froze the computer again,
although a little farther through the test. Both times the computer
froze, it sounded as if the hd itself had shut off or some fan shut
off, followed by the computer freezing. I then restarted the
computer, only to get to a screen right after the windows start up
screen (I think of this as when the windows xp logo comes up
and the small rectangular box with the small rectangle inside
goes back and forth, before the user name logon). The error that
I am having goes as follows:
Checking File System on D:
The Type of File System is FAT32.
1 of your discs needs to be checked for consistency. You may
cancel the disc check, but it is highly reccommended that you
continue. To skip the check, press any key in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,
2, 1, 0.
Volume Serial # 3E36-B5CD
Windows is verifying the files and folders.

The screen says the test completes successfully, followed by
about 15 lines of numbers and letters.
At the bottom of the screen it has a ........
Following this test the computer restarts and bring up a screen
saying that the computer did not start correctly. It then gives me
the option of safe mode, safe mode networking, safe mode with
command prompt, last known good configuration, or start
windows normally. When I choose start windows normally, the
same thing that happens above happens again. I have tried this
many times but the same error always comes up, with the
computer restarting. All the safe modes do not work, the last line
loaded in apg440 and then a few seconds later the computer
restarts, bringing up the same error screen after I try start
windows normally. I have tried the recovery floppy, but when the
program loads up, it says that the image file for recovery cannot
be found. Also, I accidently set a supervisor password in the
bios, and now the bios seems to be locked (most of the main
titles can still be displayed, but after opening them all the
contents and options inside are locked. I have tried pushing F8
but with no luck. The reason I ask this is because I tried to run
the recovery cd-rom, but since the bios is locked I cannot change
the boot order to boot from the cd. Thanks in advance....
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  1. Quote:
    Also, I accidently set a supervisor password in the

    Clear the CMOS by following the directions that came with your computer or the motherboard. You can do this by removeing the CMOS battery or changing one of the jumpers on your motherboard.

    Your arrogance is boring!
  2. Hi Brian,

    If your BIOS is a Award type, you may wanna try using 'AWARD?SW' as password, it's Awards old backdoor entrance, but if nothing else works reset your CMOS.


    Real men don't do backup...
    ...real men cry ALOT!

    Linux RoxX
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