Coputer bogged down by windows os

i had a windows vista on my laptop before... there was some problems with it as in it used to boot very slowly and the programs too used to open up very slowly even after it booted up... a deep virus scan from eset smart security showed nothing..

i got a windows 7 upgrade dvd for a small fee and installed it after completely formatting my entire hard disk..
the problems still persist...

very slow boot up..
programs take a long time to open up...
the whole thing just is damn slow..

my config:
intel core 2 duo 2.0 ghz
3 gb ram
320 gb hdd

its a compaq laptop..

any insight as to what i can do to make it better is highly appreciated
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  1. Take a look at the link below and try some of the performance tweaks mentioned, as they may help your system out:
  2. Run HD tune one your hard drive, I suspect you have a very slow 5400 rpm hard drive. The rest of your system looks up to par.
  3. do a disk defragment and in msconfig, try disabling everything except antivirus and see if it still boots slow
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