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I've tried everywhere to find a solution to this problem, and I've tried all the different tricks with Windows sleep mode all without any success.

My problem is my computer tries going to sleep, but at some point it locks up. The power light flashes (like it should in sleep mode), but all the fans remain running and as far as I can tell the HDD etc are still running. From this state I can't get it to wake itself up and must power down and restart. This happens about 90% of the time, the other 10% it goes to sleep like it normally should (haven't figured out what allows it to work once in a while).

Any help would be much appreciated. I'm not even sure where to start as far as troubleshooting this problem, and due to the heat output of the computer I'd rather not keep it on all day warming up the room in this hot summer.


Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
Intel i7 930
6GB (3x2gb) RAM
ASUS p6x58-e
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  1. Download and install this tool and see if it can help you:

    MCE Standby Tool

    This program has many useful settings to solve sleep problems.
  2. rwpritchett said:
    Download and install this tool and see if it can help you:

    MCE Standby Tool

    This program has many useful settings to solve sleep problems.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I installed the program and went through the options setting them as I saw fit. Still ended up with the same issue. Is there any sort of log file that would note any errors or conflicts that may be causing the problem?
  3. You can try removing the external devices and check (do not remove mouse and keyboard).

    Try the following methods and check if it resolves the issues.
    Method 1.
    Check if allow this device to wake the computer is checked in Device Manager.
    1. Click Start, type Device manager in the Start search box and hit Enter.
    2. Select keyboard, it will display your keyboard, right click and select ‘Properties’.
    3. Select the ‘Power management’ tab.
    4. Check the “Allow this device to wake the computer” check box.
    5. Repest these steps for Mouse and Network adapters as well.
    Also, just to be double sure you have the latest drivers, you may check by visiting the manufacturer’s website and confirm the same.

    Method 2
    You can try uninstalling and reinstalling the Display adapter drivers:
    Uninstall and reinstall the Graphics adapter drivers:
    1. Go to Start and right-click on Computers and select Manage. This will bring the Computer Management window, now on the left sidebar select Device Manager.
    2. Then go to Display Adapters and right click on it's name and click on uninstall.
    To reinstall the drivers right click on your card’s name and finally click Update Driver Software
    3. You have two options here, click the option that reads "search automatically for updated driver software".
    For additional help refer to the article below:

    You may also run the Power troubleshooter to adjust your computer's power settings. The Power troubleshooter checks things like your computer's timeout settings, which determine how long the computer waits before turning off the monitor display or entering sleep mode. Adjusting these settings can help you conserve power and extend your computer's battery life.
    Refer the link below for more details:
    Open the Power troubleshooter

    Refer the link below for more details on Power plan:
    Change, create, or delete a power plan (scheme)


    I hope this helps!

    Brett M,
    Windows Outreach Team
  4. bmatthews:

    Tried your solutions, but unfortunately still the same problem.

    Regarding Method 1 - Went through the steps, everything was set to "allow device to wake computer". Not sure why this setting would make a difference. My computer is not properly entering sleep mode. The power button starts flashing like it would once it's in sleep mode, the monitor shuts off, but the computer is still running (fans, cpu, heat is coming out of the case, etc.). This only happens 70% of the time. The other 30% the computer goes to sleep and wakes up like normal.

    Method 2- Not sure how this would help my computer enter sleep mode. Like I said, the monitor goes to standby when the computer attempts to enter sleep mode.

    When it doesn't go to sleep properly at no point do I hear the HDD grinding as if it's trying to read something (it must be properly shutting down?).

    Is there no way to generate some type of log file to diagnose what is causing the problem.

    Could there be some conflict/BIOS problem with the motherboard and some device?

    Thanks for all the suggestions!
  5. I believe I have resolved the issue. Sleep mode under my BIOS settings was set to "Auto". I changed it to "S3" (aka sleep mode), and so far haven't had the issue. If the problem comes back I'll post an update.

    Thanks for the help.
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