ASUS U500VZ Zenbook Maxed Out

Hey All,

Does anyone know a retailer in the UK that has the ASUS U500VZ Notebook in the UK with Windows 8 Pro?

Everyone I've found comes with a lowish spec 256GB SSD and Windows Home 8 ...

I want one with the maxed out SSD (512Mb), Win 8 Pro and the i7-3632QM. I can't find one for any amount of money. Is there anywhere in the UK I can get this machine?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I can't even see the ANY u500vz's for sale....

    But why dont you just buy the one with the smallest SSD (cheapest option) you can find and buy a 512GB SSD separately and install it?
  2. To be honest that's what I decided to do ... until I realised that Asus haven't even released a release date for the U500VZ Touch ...

    :( Boo ...
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