Hp g6 a8 4500m with hd 7640g gpu upgade

i just bought a hp g6 a8 apg and was wondering if i upgrade the ram from 8gb to 16gb will this also make the gpu run better as it is a apu chip and i am not to educated in the new amd CPU,s so thanks for any input in advanced :pt1cable:
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  1. no more ram will not make it run better 8gb is plenty for almost anything you do in terms of upgrades there is not too much to do on a laptop
  2. is there any way i can upgrade the gpu on this laptop i thought with the cpu sharing ram with the gpu an upgrade of the ram would help the gpu run a bit better it is listed as discreet gpu so could i swap it out for a 1 gb card? thanks :pt1cable:
  3. You can "upgrade" the integrated Radeon HD 7640g by replacing the A8-4500m APU with the A10-4600m APU which has the slightly faster Radeon HD 7660g. The HD 7660g has 128 more shaders and the graphics core is 31MHz faster; 384 shaders / 686MHz. The performance increase will be slight, but there is a performance increase.

    The laptop was probably advertised as "discrete like" graphics performance. There will be no way to install a graphics card / chip. Only specific gaming laptop models gives you the ability to upgrade the graphic card and those laptops start at $1,500; if not more.
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