How to use Ubuntu?

Hi i have a lenovo b570 and i am getting the error message containing the same info as this thread:
At the end, the maker of the thread states:

I know the post is older, but for anyone searching for a solution:

i had the same prob, easily fixed as follows:

Booted with Ubuntu Live CD,
navigated to Windows/System32/drivers,
delete fbfmon.sys

(Win7, 64, Lenovo G770)

I, as stated above, have the same problem, i made an ubuntu disc, put it in and nothing happens?
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  1. change the boot sequence to the dvd drive
  2. Make sure that the disc is good to use. Discs that have been reformatted but previously contained information don't tend to work in my experience. Also, make sure your boot order is correct in the BIOS. When you first start up your computer, hit whatever key is listed as Setup and find the boot options. There should be a priority list - make sure DVD/CD is at the top, above your hard drive, then reboot.
  3. rgd1101 said:
    change the boot sequence to the dvd drive

    How do I perform this?
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