HP vs Toshiba

I trying to select between HP and Toshiba satellite
HP Envy dv7 17" corei7 RAM 8gb
Toshiba Satellite Prestige 17" corei7 RAM 8gb
they have similar price
which one to select?
thank you.
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  1. Do you want to play any games on this?

    The HP seems to have a GT 650M video card and the Toshiba only has Mobile Intel HD Graphics, huge difference if you want to play games.

    If you want to play games the GT 650M is much, much better.
  2. The two laptops look very similar, and both brands are OK. Not sure exactly which models you're comparing, but if you want to play any games get one with an AMD or nvidia graphics chip instead of Intel HD Graphics.

    If you don't plan on playing games, just get whichever one you like the look of. They're probably made in the same factory anyway.
  3. No, I do not play games.
    Thank you for your answer. I think i will go with HP, they give 2 year warranty on their site.
  4. Bad decision in my opinion. If you want reliability do not buy an HP!
    Toshiba beats the socks off HP for reliability and build-quality, believe me.
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