What is my market value?

So next semester I will be graduating with my associates and I am starting to look at potential landing spots for when I graduate.

I am curious what the approximate market value of my skills is at. I know that there are a lot of variables at work like the cost of living, the demand in my area, my specific resume, etc. but I was hoping for a general estimate. Assume a fulltime yearly salary.

Here's the experience I would bring:

Associate in Applied Science in Computer Technology Information with a focus on Internet Security, Cyber Crime, and Computer Forensics
Network+, Security+, A+, and Linux+ certifications (Possibly CCNA as well)
4 years of entry level IT experience (mixture of phone, desktop, and enterprise support)

Thanks for any feedback.
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  1. salary.com
  2. Don't forget that your market value will vary on your market :) You'll be worth a lot less in South-East Oklahoma than you would be in LA. It's always relative to cost of living and the like.
  3. In silicon valley/San Francisco area, I think it wouldn't be hard to find a position paying maybe in the 40-60k range. What degree you have helps when you're starting out but as you gain experience, it doesn't matter quite as much.
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