WIn 7 long boot time and freezing.


I recently installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit on my PC. It ran fine for about a week and then it got all sluggish and the time it takes to boot is around 10-20 minutes. When it loads up after that time the programs run very slow.

THis same problem happened on XP. I upgraded to win 7 from XP thinking that the problem would go away. I reformatted only a week ago.

I ran malwarebytes and regcure but i have no such luck on trying to solve the problem.

Nvidia 9800GT 512mb
AMD Phenom II x4 955 black edition 3.3GHZ
600w PSU
WD Caviar gREEN 500GB sata 2.0 hard drive
and some SONY DVD drive

I have updated all the drivers except for the SATA/RAID drivers because i get an error everytime i attempt to install it.

Since it happened to my XP OS could it just be the hard drive?
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  1. no malware.

    all drivers in check.

    RAM doesn't have any errors after the win 7 memory diagnostic check.

    I have been getting a BSOD saying something about: Modification of system code or a critical data structure was detected.

    And another BSOD about disabling antivirus or something i don't really remember it. Can these blue screens be related to my slow boot and freezing problem.
  2. I want to say it could be software but then again if it happens in XP and 7, I am leaning towards hardware.

    Try running Memtest 86+. If its good then run a HDD tester. I prefer Spinrite. I would lean towards memory but its more than likley the HDD going bad.
  3. I ran memtest and the RAM is good. I hope its the hard drives
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