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i need a new vid card.. and i cant afford a lot..(need a new powersupply and other bits..) they cant be more expensive than $100, if possible under.. i need a card in the gf2mx class.. a card with good performance for the money im paying..

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  1. radeon LE.

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  2. Yup, either that or a GF2MX.

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  3. how are the Kyro 2 cards? are they OC'able??
  4. You will be more happy with Radeon LE, trust me. Read this article and you will be convinced:
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    If you insist on the Kryo II, then just to let you know, it is not that overclockable, only about 5-10Mhz, most I heard was up to around 200-205mhz. You can read that here:
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  5. Definitely the Le. Get it with tv out at for $80 (the tv out is not bios swappable with the retail ddr version though).

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  6. well, i finally found a webshop that sold the LE..

    and its ordered(they had one left and i just ordered it, 'cause i dont want to wait forever)..

    one of my friends thought it was a stupid buy.. goddamnit i want to prove him wrong.. :)

  7. why did he think you where stupid for doing it

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