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Windows 8 on Acer aspire one 725 netbook

I am willing to buy an acer AO 725 netbook with AMD c-70 APU processor,with Radeon HD 7290 GPU, 2GB ram, 500GB HDD. I saw on AMD website that they listed windows 8 on their catalyst driver list,but I am not confirmed as its just a AMD Mobility Radeon™ Driver Verification Tool. I want to run windows 8 on it, Is there anyone who have experienced windows 8 on this netbook? How is the performance?
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  1. yes you gpu is supported, i would recommend to upgrading to 8 gigs of ram...minimum 4
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    I have the Ao-725 (C60, 2 gig ram, 320 g hd). Works a treat with Windows 8, but the wifi you really need to update the driver to Acer's version that fixes some instabilities. Other than that it is snappy w/ W8 boots quick, shuts down quick. Works with all the software I use on Windows 7.
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