What are some apps i need to get for a new iPad?

Good Afternoon All,

I recently bought an iPad for the wife. Since this is my first foray into an Apple products and tablet PCs wanted some help in choosing a good mix of security programs and useful apps.

A coupe of things with the security apps: i will need a VPN program for when we will be in Wii hotspots (what are good recommendations?) Also, do i need anti-virus software or just the anti-malaware and which ones would you recommend?

Other than that, any other apps that would help?

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    Of course a lot depends on your wife's interests and there is a great quantity of choices available. I am not familiar with security issues with the iPad, but if she likes reading various types of news, Flipboard is an excellent app for the purpose. It will work on both the iPad as well as android devices and is free.

    I would just Google "Best iPad apps" and go through the resulting lists and make choices from there. Gizmo's Freeware is a good place to start.
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