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If your boot order is floppy, CD, harddrive and you want to boot from CD,(without changing the boot order in the bios) is the following correct.

When the PC finds that there is no floppy in the drive, it will go to the next boot device and boot from the inserted Winxp CD rom and you can perform a xp repair, etc, from there.

If this is correct there is no need to change the boot order(as long as the harddrive is last) as the PC will do the above sequence search.

Also, how long(seconds) does it usually take to go to the next boot order device in the above senario.


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  1. It doesnt take long at all to cycle though the boot devices. If you're booting from the WinXP CD for whatever reason, it'll ask you to "press any key to boot from CD", and it should open up Windows Setup from there.
  2. It only takes a second or two for your BIOS to search for the bootable media, and move to the next device.

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