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I just got a Leadtek GeForce 2 GTS Pro 64. Problem is, it crashes within a couple of minutes whenever I play 3D games. The screen turn into a repeating pattern of colored lines, then I have to reboot my PC. I opened the case to look at the card after a crash, but the error LED was not lit. Max Payne, Quake III, & Soldier of Fortune all crash. The Rainbow Six series & Deus Ex haven't crashed, yet. Please help.

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  1. I also have the same exact problems. The problems seems to be limited to only Open GL. In direct 3D the games run fine. (Diablo II, Desent 3). But, in Open GL, Quake III, and Serious Sam I have crashes. As, I write this it occurs to me that those games both use the same engine. Same with Soldier of Fortune, quake II. It could be a problem they have with the software, but I think it could be related to a their hardware. I put an older TNT in my system and it didn't crash. Have you had any other problems with other Open GL games other than ones based on the quake engine? You said that you didn't have problems with Rainbow or Deus Ex. So, it sounds like it could be a hardware problem with the graphics engine of their Geforce 2 pro.
    I am taking my card to leadtek today in Fremont to have them test it. I'll post what they find later
  2. The OpenGL thing is a good point. I tried Aliens vs. Predator, that did not crash. It runs on a Quake II engine, I think. Max Payne crashed constantly, but it runs on DirectX. I had the 32 MB version of the card for a few days, and it did not crash running Max Payne. To tell the truth, the 64 MB version (for the few moments when it's stable) doesn't perform much better on Max P. My old Diamond TNT2 Ultra still is a great card, I'm might just put it back in for now. Let me know what how the card test at Leadtek turn out.

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  3. hmmms.
    ive got the leadtek winfast geforce2pro (32mb)

    ive found that quake2 has terrible opengl video corruption...
    and occasionally i can fix it with a reinstall of the detonators. but it never seems to stick for long.

    also, the official leadtek drivers (rev 6.6.6) cauze massive slowness in d3d games, particularly UT.

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    sb live
    512mb pc150 ram
    40gig hdd
    via 4in1's 4.32

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