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I am currently trying to assist our architecture department in ordering new systems, and am trying to figure out what video card they should get. In the past, we went with the Gloria II. I found some nice comparison charts, but they didn't show information on how more standard video cards operate in AutoCAD. For instance, how would a Geforce3 card perform? I'm trying to balance between functionality and money, and the Gloria II costs twice what a GeForce3 does. Any comments are appreciated.
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  1. I got some good news for you! Compgeeks just got a limmited number of Open GL Dual Monitor midrange professional graphics cards and they are selling them for $100! Check them out at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Video killed my Radio Card!
  2. My office uses MicroStep Inc. 3D graphics accelerator cards based on GLINT for AUTOCAD.

    <A HREF="http://" target="_new">http://</A>
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