Best all purpose laptop/brand help!

I know this must be asked a lot but after some researching (this site and others) i still cant really determine, especially since all the threads ive found are for all out gaming laptop or are older threads.

So what im looking for is a laptop that has a gaming advantage, but also has moderate entertainment and schooling. All i really need is good speed, microsoft products and play movies/stream shows etc, nothing fancy no video editing or anything. Just use of vlc/media player, word, powerpoint and such, and good internet use. But i would like to be able to play games, games like cod or something doesnt need excellent specifications.

Price range is about 1500 or less. Hopefully reasonably priced of course.

No macs.

Also for brands, which would be best, forums and such tend to be divided, With top choices being Lenovo, Asus and Dell
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  1. Sager notebooks are high value/performance notebooks with no frills. Asus also has many nice options. Lenovos aren't too bad either. A lot of it comes down to personal preference. $1500 is enough to get a very decent notebook. If you're looking at game I would pay attention to the graphics card if there is one. Look up some reviews. Nowadays many laptops just process graphics through the cpu which isn't the best for gaming but will be sufficient if you're obsessed with graphics. You could always checkout alienware. They are a little more expensive and are too flashy for my own taste but they are gaming oriented.
  2. APPLE!!!!!!!!!!! GET APPLE MAC BOOK PRO. omg its da best
  3. What are good video cards? the GTX series? Im no expert on the matter and ive never heard of sager notebooks
  4. Are you looking for suggestions on specific models or just general advice about laptops in general? I'm sure people would be able to provide recommendations if you give some more information like what size you want the laptop to be. The asus g series may be something to look at. Gaming specific laptops will have a dedicated graphics card and will be designed for better airflow.
  5. I was hoping to get a little bit of both. Brand than series where i can pick the one i like best. Makes me sound needy and stupid, but research is all i can do, and all ive been able to learn is:

    i7-3630Qm processor is most likely the most preferred.
    Video cards are all over the place i dont know anything about them, which is better, is it a general rule of thumb higher the number better the card?
    And for ram and memory i can do that myself. Im thinking at least 8GB, i can also upgrade of course easy to do.
  6. I can't help much as far as mobile gpus go but here is a useful resource. You can search by individual card and most have expected fps for some popular games and at what settings. The gpus are listed in order of best performance best to worst.
    Just keep in mind that higher end gpus typically produce more heat and use a lot of energy.
  7. hm thank you for that, well i think i got a better understand of the video card i would need since im not playing any intense games or anything i wouldnt really need the top class cards.

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