Cant turn laptop on

I try to turn on a Packard Bell MS2317, the power-on and HDD lights turn on very briefly and after about 1-2 seconds the HDD light goes off.
Power-on light remains on. Nothing on screen, no logos no "intel inside" no "Packard bell", nothing. The screen remains off the whole time.
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  1. How old is the computer? The computer doesn't shut it self off does it? If absolutely nothing comes up on the screen it may be a bad motherboard.
  2. It's brand new.
    I tried with an external monitor but same issue. If it were a bad motherboard, would the HDD light turn on and off once? any other way to confirm?
  3. And it doesn't turn itself off.
  4. If it's brand new don't waste any more time troubleshooting -- just take it back for a replacement.
  5. Unfortunately that's not an option. Being in a 3rd world country sucks.
  6. azama most new pc and power supply wont turn on if there a short or an issue. i would start by opening the pc and check that the ram and all cards are seated. also check and push down on the cables to see that there all connected. also check that the cpu and heat sink are fine. I seen where heat sinks have ripped off the cpu in shipping. if you cant return the pc then see if you can make a claim with the shipper if it was shipped by a shipping company.
  7. sorry saw that it was a laptop...flip the laptop over and check that the ram stick are connected. with laptops check the ac power brick make sure it outputting the power that it should..also check to see that the power pin on the mb is fine. if it snapped off then the mb is toast.
  8. Tried that too, tried with/without RAM and/or HDD... with External display... can't think of anything else to try.

    Power pin on motherboard?
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