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Upgrade graphics card in laptop

February 6, 2013 1:13:05 AM

Hello everyone, this is a repost from graphics cards and displays.

I have a minor endeavor I'm undertaking currently. I've purchased an older laptop, based off of the MS-1656 ID-1 Motherboard. I've done quite a bit of research, and I'm simply stumped as for my next move.

The laptop in question is fully functional, and currently in use. It has a first gen core i7-740QM processor @ 1.73GHz, 8 gigs of 1333 Mhz DDR3 GSkill ram, a 500 Gig Western Digital Scorpio Black hard drive, and an Nvidia GTS 250M graphics card.

The slot for the graphics adapter is an MXM 3.0 style, which theoretically would mean I could swap it with an graphics card that the chipset supports. The chipset in question is Intel PM55, which is pretty old so I know I would not be able to improve to a GTX 680m, however I am interested in this much..

Would it be plausible to replace the graphics card with a GTX 285M. I've done some research, and under some AW 17x laptop models, the Intel PM55 chipset could support this card, and even in an SLI configuration(not that the motherboard will support it).

TL;DR: Is it possible on the MS-1656 ID1 motherboard (while MSI whitebook manuals state it is not possible I'd like to be in disbelief of this) to replace the GTS 250M with a GTX 285M?

Dell AW 17x states that the 285M is supported on the Intel PM55 chipset.

Thank you in advance.