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Couple of weeks ago, I brought an Acer V3-571G laptop. Two days later, my little kid damaged
LCD panel with sharp pencil.

I decided to replace the screen myself. I oredered new, 15'6 inch LCD screen, but with higher resolution (1600x900).
Unfortunately new screen does not work properly, instead black, it shows bright blue color.

Guy at shop told me, that screen is fine, but I should order panel with same resolution as the broken one. Also he said, that this is a problem with cable connecting LCD with motherboard, higher resolution requires different one (more bandwidth or something).

Is this true? Is this may be cable problem, or the new LCD screen may be damaged?


ps. Sorry for by poor English.
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  1. This is true. Your laptop only supports up to a certain native resolution. This is determined by the graphics card that is integrated into the laptop motherboard. You'll need to replace the original screen with one of the same.
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