Is there a Tegra 3 Windows 8 Full not RT Tablet out there?

I am probably going to wait for the Haswell chip, but someone mentioned in another thread about the Tegra 3 chip and how it sips battery life. I am absolutely looking for a Tablet that last all day with full capability with windows 8. I googled for this configuration and have not found a Tablet out yet with these specifications. Is Windows still in bed with Intel and no one else has the rights to Full Windows 8 except Intel at the moment; like they always get first dibs or something?

I am just thinking I would not have to wait for the Haswell chip if there was a Tegra 3 Windows 8 Tablet available now with a Full version of Windows and not Android.

Anyone have any information on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank!

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  1. So you want an ARM powered tablet that Runs the x86 version of windows? No, such a thing does not exist.

    Currently only windows RT is available on ARM processors.
  2. The surface pro is a full Windows 8 implementation. Mixed reviews all over the place today.
  3. needspractice said:
    ... Is Windows still in bed with Intel and no one else has the rights to Full Windows 8 except Intel at the moment...

    Once upon a time, Windows used to run on variety of CPUs - Intel, RISC, MIPS. And if anyone is to "blame" for that, it is not Intel. And Microsoft are already trying to spread the Windows on non-Intel platforms with Windows RT.

    But - even it such a beast "Windows Pro on Tegra" existed, you would not be able to install Crysis on it just because if that.
  4. Nope.

    The Tegra 3 is a ARM based processor. Windows 8 "Full" requires a x86/x64-based CISC CPU to run. Running Windows 8 on an ARM based means Microsoft would need to totally redesigned Windows so that it can run on such a processor. It is a major undertaking that requires changing more than just a few lines of codes. It takes time, effort and money to pull off such a feat.

    The end result is Windows RT.
  5. Fully operational tablets running Windows 8 will be coming out.

    The 13.3" Asus Transformer Book is supposed to be released in early 2013. It is based on the Ivy Bridge CPU and is reminiscent of their Android Transformer tablets with a keyboard dock. The i5 version is speculated to cost $1,300 while the i7 version is $1,500.

    Asus also demoed 11.6" and 14" Transformer Books, but no info about any production dates... if any. It could have just been a tech concept demo that will be released as actual products in the near/distant future. Best to produce just one to see how well received it is before spending hundreds of millions on a product line that has at best weak demand.

    I believe the 14" Transformer Book included a dedicated nVidia graphics chip (not sure which one) in the keyboard dock.
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