DELL XPS M1710 (7900 gtx, non CPU OC version)


i have an odd situation. Today i wanted to reinstall the original retail Windows XP home edition on my Dell XPS m1710, but i can't fine the Windows XP system disc :S

Has anyone got the same laptop and would be so kind to clone me the system cd (with Windows XP home!)?

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  1. you're asking for a free copy of windows. the answer is no
  2. No, i am asking for a clone of the CD that comes along. I have the serial under the Laptop
  3. Just bumping the thread.

    Again, i am asking for a clone of the CD-DVD that comes along with the laptop. I have the key under the pc on a sticker, just need the recovery disk to put my dell back to factory setting.

    Thank you
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