How much is a 3 year old dell laptop worth

3-4 year old Dell laptop, great condition
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  1. It depends on the model...
  2. might need some more info to determine that like hdd size and speed, processor, screen size and resolution or just the model number. i would say if its atleast an I series a couple 100
  3. $0-$300 depends on the model.
  4. As the Old saying goes Dollar two-ninty-five (PS used by my late Uncle).
    Joking aside, two factors:
    1) Market for used laptops - small
    2) Cost of equivalant Laptop Performance wise divided by 2, posibly divide by 3. A "New" i3 going for $400 is probably higher performance

    If Dell consummer mode 3->4 years old would be a negaive, Positive if it is an enterprise model.

    Best bet to get a realistic idea of value. Google it and go to ebay and see what they are going for - ie:
    Dell D620 - $160
    Del 610 - $60

    Personally I'd never sped over $100 for an older used laptop.

    @ 06yfz450ridr - an iX, 3 -> 4 years ago, don't think so, Maybe a core daul, or a core 2 daul. at best an E6xxx

    Added a referb Dell for $250 (better bet than buyng a used) :
    Brand NEW SB i3's under $500:
  5. Highest value for an old laptop is to gift it to a relative. I gave a 1005ha Eepc with a fresh copy of win8 to my niece for Christmas that had been sitting unused in a closet for over a year. That was a cheep item to begin with but I'm 100% sure I got far more gratification from her loving it than I would have if I sold it even for the original purchase price.
  6. ^ That is what I do with all my "old" computers.
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